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Bail us out and help some amazing kids!

Rebecca and I are thrilled to be participating in the 2014 installment of the Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual Lock-Up, which raises money to support MD research and help send kids affected by the disease to summer camp.

Naughty: A Dark Chat Style for Skype (OSX)

Dark chat style for Skype

I generally have the brightness on my displays turned way down, and prefer to use darker "themes" when possible for my apps. It seems to help minimize a major side effect of staring at multiple computer screens all day—namely, a lot of lonely Friday nights. Wait. I meant eyeball pain. Is that a thing? I feel like it is.

Karma Police: Getting locked up to raise money for MDA

On April 18th, I'm participating in the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock Up. I'll be detained for a little while in an effort to raise "bail money," which helps fund research and send kids with MD to summer camp.

Chess is Stupid

An hour to learn, an hour and seven minutes to be better than Corey.

7 Handy CSS and Image Generator Apps for Web Designers

There are all kinds of tedious tasks that go into web design. Let the machines deal with as many of them as you possibly can. What the hell did we invent these things for anyway? Get back to work, Wall-E.

The 4 Things I Miss the Most About Outdated Technology

Nobody will dispute that technological advances have improved many aspects of life in recent decades. In particular, powerful smartphones and tablets along with ubiquitous internet access have put a literally ridiculous amount of information at our disposal whenever we need it most (on the toilet). That's great and all, but sometimes I can't help but think way back to when you still had to plug things in and think, "I kinda liked it when I was dumber."


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