About Us

Face First Creative is a small team that loves making big things happen. We create fresh, professional, and effective marketing materials that set our clients apart from their competitors. There's nothing we enjoy more than helping companies look better and communicate more effectively. Not even shrimp. And we love shrimp.

The Main Characters

Rebecca Baldwin

Project leader extraordinaire, Rebecca makes the Face First machine go. She has nearly 8 years of experience in project management and analyzes, plans, and orchestrates our jobs from start to finish. She is fluent in both Laymanese and Dorkish, and is the master interpreter that keeps clients and her team of geeks on the same page.

Corey Paige

Corey is our resident designer, developer, and font snob. He has worked professionally in the creative sector for over a decade, and splits time between the visual and technical aspects of our work. It's been theorized that if you ask him a question about Drupal or Photoshop, he could literally bore you into a coma with his answer.

Rob Steinhilber

Don't let the sharp wardrobe or tough-guy Brooklyn accent fool you: Rob is all nerd. With 11 years of experience as a systems engineer and administrator, he oversees web development along with Corey, and manages numerous server-side aspects, including security and database management. And get this: he actually enjoys it.

Allison McMahon

Allison is the team's copywriter and content editor. She has nearly 10 years of editing and writing experience in both creative and technical environments. If she ruled the world, everyone would just play Scrabble all day—with a break for ping pong.